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What is the Greystone SmartStart© Program?

What is the Greystone SmartStart© Listing Plus Program?

The seller will receive a 50% discount off the basic escrow fee at the close of escrow on any qualified property enrolled in the program during for sale time or listing time.

What is the cost due at the time of enrollment? Are there any other requirements to participate?

There is no cost to enroll a property in the Greystone SmartStart© Listing Plus Program.

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The only additional requirement is for the Listing Agent (if you are working with an agent) to add the following phrase in the comments section into MLS: “Property is enrolled with Greystone SmartStart© Listing Plus Program. Buyer and Seller are eligible to receive a discount on their basic escrow fee if the transaction is closed at Greystone Title Agency, LLC.”

SmartStart© Listing Plus Marketing Package – Enrolling your listing in our SmartStart© Listing Plus program includes some optional marketing items: A Listing Book, Flyers & “Just Listed or Just Sold” postcards. Even our exclusive “Advanced Screening” E-Blast, to get your new listing some added exposure!

How can I enroll my property or listing in the Greystone SmartStart© Program?

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