Greystone SmartStart©Program

What is the Greystone SmartStart© Program?

The Greystone SmartStart© Program is designed to allow the Seller to receive a Commitment for Title Insurance in the beginning of the listing, which gives notice of any recorded title issues that are present.It will also speed the necessary time for the Buyer to receive the Commitment during the first few days of the contract, allowing clearing this contingency to clear during the inspection period.  The advantage of participating in this program is both Seller and Buyer receive significant discount on their escrow fees at the time of closing, if the transaction is closed with Greystone Title Agency.

How are Title and Escrow issues solved?

The Seller and/or their Agent are provided the Commitment for Title Insurance even before a contract is in place, this will provide vital information about difficult requirements or exceptions that will affect the Buyer.The benefit of having this advanced notice of pending special exceptions, it can help disclose in the beginning of the contract negotiation, so that the property will not be off the market for several days prior to the Buyer's receipt of the Commitment.The advanced notice of the Commitment requirements will allow time for the Seller to obtain any necessary release or corrective deeds essential to clear these items without the time constraint of a pending close of escrow in days or weeks.If the Seller desires, the Escrow Officer may be able to help the Seller with these issues by separate agreement.

What is the saving with Greystone SmartStart©?

Both Seller and Buyer receive a 50% discount off of their escrow service fee at the close of escrow of any qualified property enrolled in the program during the listing period.

What qualifies a property to enroll in the Greystone SmartStart© Program?

Any listed property that is a subdivided, single-family home, not currently under contract will qualify under this program. Vacant land, commercial or multi-family property is not qualified.

How can I enroll my property or listing with Greystone SmartStart©?

Either the property owner or the Listing Agent can enroll a qualified property by signing the Greystone SmartStart©

instructions with any Escrow Officer or Marketing Professional of Greystone Title Agency.

What is the cost due at the time of enrollment?

There is no cost to enroll a property.  The only requirement is that the listing has the following language in the comments section:

“Property is enrolled with Greystone SmartStart© Program.Buyer and Seller will each receive a 50% discount of their escrow fee if transaction is closed at Greystone Title Agency”

What if the Seller is not able to direct the transaction to close with Greystone?

If the transaction closes with another title agency the Seller and Buyer will not receive the discount.The only cost to the Seller will occur if the Seller employed advanced services of their Escrow Officer in order to clear up any title issues discovered on the Commitment.